About us

About Us

There is something enchanting about a beautifully decorated room. The way the candles and vases accent the shape of the space. The way the colours and textures dance and flow from room to room.  The delicate balance between the furniture, frames, and fixtures within the home.  Thoughtful, high-quality, and elegant home decor can magically transform any space into a splendid exploration of possibility.

At Rari Luxuries, we are committed to finding the most stunning pieces that will help you create an incredible visual backdrop for your life.  Founded in 2020 by two sisters; Rari Luxuries is a small, family owned and operated online home décor and design boutique based in London UK; that offers exceptionally well-crafted vases, candles, frames, accent pieces, and accessories at incredibly affordable prices.

Each piece we offer has been hand-selected and meticulously assessed to ensure outstanding quality and exceptional value.  Our collection of home décor pieces and home good items has been carefully curated to help discerning homeowners cultivate a beautiful, yet humble, aesthetic that is comforting, elegant, and affordable. 

Superior and sublime home décor is more than an interest:  It is a passion.  For years, the sisters worked in the family business – investment properties.  Quickly, the sisters discovered that houses that were properly designed, carefully decorated, and expertly staged were able to fetch a much higher price than properties that were left empty.  They became fixated with modern home décor trends, techniques that were visually appealing, and quality interior design schemes that transformed the look and feel of a home.  As the home décor specialists within the family, they have gathered years of expert knowledge and experience that has helped them build Rari Luxuries into the online home for modern décor today.

We believe in delivering unparalleled customer service, expert advice, and high-quality products.  We believe that the right piece can positively transform any space from a place to exist, to a place to live.  We believe that our clients deserve incredible products from some of the best manufacturers and designers in the world, and they deserve to have access to these amazing pieces for prices that are fair and affordable.  We believe in making a personal connection with each of our clients.  We believe in building relationships.  We believe in personalised emails, exceptional products, and honest communications.  We believe in delivering an incredible experience for our customers before, during, and after every sale.

Above all, we believe in the power of home décor to transform a house into a home.  Thank you for taking a moment to share our passion for design, and welcome to the future look of your home.

Welcome to Rari Luxuries.