Modern Colourful New Women Sculptures


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These colourful sculptures are absolutely fabulous! Just looking at these wonderful piece of art will make you smile. The sculpture's curvy lines is visible in the impressive details and the high quality workmanship. With this piece of art in your home, you reveal your extraordinary taste in art. 

Bring a touch of colourful, loud and extravagant fun into your home. These sculptures, do not conform to formal style; It is striking, colourful, and a bow to the joy of life.

  • Material: High Quality Resin
  • Theme: Women
  • Regional: European
  • Style A: H29 X L14.5CM
  • Style B: H35.5 X L13.5CM
  • Style C: H25.5 X 9.5CM
  • Weight:0.5-1.5KG